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Direct Cremation

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Increasing numbers of people are turning to direct cremation as an alternative to a conventional funeral.

Direct cremation and direct burial are for:

  • People who, in line with their beliefs and values, do not feel they need to have a formal public ceremonial funeral at which the body of the person who has died is present. Most people who opt for direct cremation or direct burial could easily afford a traditional funeral, but they choose not to.
  • People who cannot afford a traditional funeral. Because of simplicity, direct cremation is the cheapest way of disposing of a deceased.

To keep costs to the absolute minimum, you do not go to visit the person who has died in the funeral home. You do not choose the day and time of the cremation/burial. There is no hearse, no procession, and no service in the crematorium or at the graveside. The body goes straight off to be cremated or buried without ceremony and without anyone else there.

Direct cremation and direct burial do not stop you from having a farewell ceremony if you wish after the event. If you choose direct cremation or direct burial you can hold a memorial event of your own.

Included in the direct cremation price is removal, preparation, transportation of the deceased direct to the chosen crematorium at a time of our choosing, staff, simple coffin, and basic white gown. No viewings are included within this service.

Services Covered in a Direct Cremation 
Taking instructions and making all the necessary arrangements.
Providing advice and guidance with the registration of death and all relevant paperwork.
On instruction from the family, transportation of the deceased into our care (within 20 miles).
Preparation and care of the deceased until the day of the cremation.
Supply of simple coffin.
Suitable vehicle and personnel for direct cremation.
Cremation Fee (cremation only / unattended)
Doctor’s Fee for cremation forms


Fees subject to change outside of our control.

Direct Cremation All inclusive Price £1,271

Plus Doctor’s fees (if needed)

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